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Email Marketing Services

Get more traffic to your website and increase your revenue with a customized email marketing strategy. Included in that strategy are carefully curated content and eye-catching email designs that will engage your customers.
Let us help you increase revenue and build engagement.


Market Directly To Customers

Email marketing allows you to directly market to your customers. If you have specific products, services, or time-limited offers that you want to promote to a particular group, you can do so. And if executed correctly, you should see an increase in engagement, site visits, and purchases.


Measure Your Success

With traditional marketing methods like mailer campaigns, there’s no way to measure your success. Email marketing provides you with statistics and allows you to see how far you’ve come in your marketing campaign in real-time. This makes it easier to adjust your strategy and reach your goals.

Increase Open Rates

The first step in an email campaign is to get your customers to open your email. After all, no matter how great your offer is, it would be pointless if they will not even click your message. We pride ourselves on crafting smart subject lines so that you can get more opens and higher click-through-rates. This results in more traffic to your site.

What Are Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing is the main source of customer retention and acquisition for small to medium-sized businesses and startups. But crafting an email marketing campaign can take time and if you don’t have experience. And you might fall short of reaching your goals.

You can have your cake and eat it too when you work with our email marketing professionals here at . Why are our email marketing services top-notch?


Some say that email is already outdated with the rise of social media networks that also allow people to connect and communicate. However, the figures don’t seem to agree. People are still using email just like the good ‘ole times. Not only that but increasing your number of marketing channels can greatly benefit your business! Here are some facts to prove it:.

35% of business professionals

check their emails using mobile phones.

47% of marketers

believe that their most effective lead nurturing method is email marketing.

59% of users

state that marketing emails have influenced their purchasing decisions.

For every $1 spent

on email marketing, the average ROI is $40.

22.86% is the average

email open rate across all industries.

70% of millennials

state that they prefer personalized emails the best.

Emails are 6x more likely

to get click-through compared to other marketing methods.

Over 50% of consumers

say that email is still their most preferred channel for communication with the brands they follow.

Do you see now how many people still prefer to use email for communicating with businesses like yours? That’s why as a marketer, you should take advantage of it! And the best way to do that is by using an effective email marketing strategy.

Why You Need Email Marketing Services

A marketing plan is vital to every business. But an email marketing strategy can be game-changing. Over 250 billion emails are sent and received daily. How can you ensure that your business stands out?

While we believe that sales are the main focus of marketing. Our approach is to focus on several different types of email designs to get the best results. This not only includes sales but also brand awareness and showing what makes your business unique.

Brand awareness is key when selling any product or service. With the help of the best email marketing services, we make sure that your subscribers understand your brand and who you are as a business. So that they can connect with your brand on a deeper level.

The goal of email marketing is to increase the number of subscribers your business has, and still maintain loyal customers by keeping in touch with current subscribers on a regular basis so they don’t forget you. Let’s tackle some more of the email marketing benefits in the section below.

Benefits Of Using Our Email Marketing Services

As stated in the numbers above, email is indeed still one of the most-used forms of communication between brands and consumers. And while there are several marketing tactics available today, email marketing, in particular, can help foster brand-consumer relationships in ways other digital marketing mediums can’t.

Reach customers in the one place where most of them often visit – their inbox. We can help you navigate and learn how to do that.

Here are more of the benefits that you can expect from utilizing our email marketing services.

What Are Email Marketing Services?

Targeted Audience

In traditional marketing, when you place ads on TV, print ads, or radio, you have little control over who sees, reads, or hears it. You often don’t have the power to target a certain group of people within those mediums. This is where email marketing is different- in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Our email marketing services will ensure that every campaign you send is personalized and catered to a particular audience’s needs. We’ll help you with your email campaign segmentation so each different audience your business has is receiving an email personalized to their needs and interests. This will in turn increase click-through and conversions.

Boost Brand Awareness

Every email you send to your subscribers will remind potential customers of your business and your brand. And by consistently sending valuable email campaigns, you will start to create a connection with them.

We can help you create strategic, engaging, and valuable email campaigns to turn more leads into clients and eventually, into loyal patrons of your brand.

Easy To Measure

One of the great things about digital marketing is the fact that all campaigns and strategies you implement can be measured. Email marketing included. It helps to have specific goals that you want to achieve for a certain campaign that you can measure.

With our email marketing services, we use only the best email marketing tools. This helps us report high-quality metrics back to you so you know which campaigns are being effective and which ones need optimization. We will then use this data to improve your email campaigns and get better results.


This is probably the most enticing benefit of implementing an email marketing strategy. You don’t need a lot of resources for printing, postage, advertising fees, etc. Email marketing is affordable and very cost-effective.

Our email marketing services will help you make the most of your budget without sacrificing quality.


Reach up to 500 million decision-makers and professionals through the most popular social media platform for business owners. Most of LinkedIn’s audience is college educated and over 25 years old.

How Do We Help?

There’s a lot that goes into building successful email marketing campaigns. Thankfully, with the help of our pros at LYFE Marketing, you don’t have to navigate this process on your own. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have an email campaign that drives revenue to your business. Here is a list of a few things we will help with before getting to work on your first email marketing campaigns:

Make Sure Your Emails Are Reaching Your Audience

Businesses often get caught up in email open rates to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. However, an email can’t be opened if it never reaches the intended person. No fancy email template can solve this issue. With the help of top-rated email marketing professionals like the ones at, we will help your business increase its deliverability rates

Methods Of Building Your Email List

There are many ways you can help build your email lists. One way is through signup forms on your website. WordPress has many methods of implementing these forms into your overall web design. Another method is through social media. Many users sign up with a Gmail account. You can also use social media to run advertisements to collect this information if it isn’t readily available to you. For example, you can run a Facebook ad for a 25% off coupon where all the consumer has to do is input their email address and the coupon will be sent directly to them.

Make Sure Your CRM Is Helping Your Cause

If your preferred CRM and email marketing software don’t communicate with one another, although it may not be the best from a functionality standpoint, it’s not the end of the world. Certain CRM platforms can provide your business with valuable information pertaining to your sales funnel. Most CRM platforms, like Salesforce, will track both your email support and phone support options. This is important when a lead unsubscribes from receiving your business’s emails. If a lead opts out of receiving emails, your salespeople will want to make note that SMS will be the only method of contact they have with that lead moving forward. Unless that same lead decides to opt-in for receiving emails again, of course.

Email Automation

Email marketing automation will make your life easier. Email automation is exactly what it sounds like. Emails will be sent out automatically on behalf of your business. One time this may be useful is for all new customers that provide their email at check out. You can set up an automated welcome email that welcomes them to your business and encourages them to become loyal customers. Another great option is the use of email automation for transactional emails. The options are endless for what features of your email marketing campaigns you would like to be automated. With the help of our email marketing professionals, you won’t have to figure it out on your own.

You can also use automation tools like an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a program that will automatically answer emails sent to it. These can range from very simple to more complex messages. If you receive a high number of emails and it takes your business time to answer all of them, an autoresponder might make sense for customer support purposes. You’ll be able to have an automated “thanks for your feedback” email sent to the customer letting them know that someone from your customer support department will get back to them shortly.


Email segmentation is a necessary part of email marketing campaigns. Without segmentation, your entire audience would receive the same emails. When consumers or leads receive an email, it should be specific to their interests and needs. As part of our email marketing services, we provide list segmentation for your business. List segmentation is taking your entire email audience and dividing them into smaller categories or lists. This method of advanced segmentation will ensure that each email that goes out is going to the right audience making your overall email marketing efforts more effective.

Optimized Landing Pages

If you run a Shopify business and are launching a new product, you’ll definitely want to let your audience know. But letting them know isn’t enough to increase sales. By providing a link that takes your audience to an optimized landing page for your new product, sales should spike! Including links to bring your audience to a landing page on your business’s website is a great way of increasing brand engagement, website traffic, and sales.

What We Include In Our Email Marketing Services

Customized Email Marketing Services

No business is the same. That’s a fact. So we take the time to customize your emails – making them stand out. From subject line and calls to action and everything in between, you can trust that we will work tirelessly to craft the perfect email campaign every time.


Engaging Content

The content in every email you send should be high quality, persuasive, and reflect your style. We believe in producing error-free content that engages your customers while representing your brand.


Eye-Catching Design

No email is complete without a well-designed layout. Whether your focus is on product photos or copy, we take the time to craft each email with a customized and memorable design.


Email Drip Campaigns

Our seasoned experts know the ins and outs of all types of email marketing, and drip campaigns are at the top of the list. These types of campaigns include a set of emails used to target customers over time, based on the actions they take.



Technology may change but one thing has stayed consistent over the years. People still use email to communicate. Email marketing is only growing and is one of the most affordable ways to develop your business. So what are the four tips we give to our clients when they ask about email marketing?

Stay Consistent

Every email that is sent to your subscribers should be confident, meaningful, and evoke a feeling of importance. Remaining in constant contact with your audience through the use of high-quality emails results in life-long customers who will be there to advocate for your brand.

Keep It Simple

Designing emails involves a balance between content and aesthetics. Too much decor can overshadow your content. Keep your emails clean and simple.

Don’t Be Afraid To Pivot

The first email campaign you send won’t always perform well. It takes practice as well as patience to perfect your email marketing strategy. And sometimes you may have to pivot. We use strategies like A/B testing to help us achieve better results.

Have A Strategic Plan

Map out your emails in an email marketing calendar. Plan out product launches, email newsletters, webinars, and specials so that your campaigns can be organized.

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