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Christian Family Coalition – SMM Case Study

The Results


Facebook Likes


Cost Per Page Like


Boosted Post Engagements


Boosted Post Cost Per Engagement


Christian Family Coalition Florida is a human rights and social justice advocacy organization fighting for faith, family & freedom. Their motto is “Your Voice in Government Against Discrimination.”

Christian Family Coalition came to DIGICROWD.NET to generate more brand awareness and social media followers. In doing so, they aimed to give updates to their current supporters as well as gain new supporters of their organization and cause.

Social Media Results


Again, we are not tracking fans or engagement, but what matters most to our clients: SALES and COST.

And these are just their initial costs to acquire a customer. On average, their customers return and make repeat purchases 4x a year. Meaning the lifetime value of their customer is around $114. Bringing the ROI to over 10x return!! Who wouldnu2019t like to spend $1,000 and make $10,000?




Top Ads & Destination URL

Christian Family Coalition came to us to develop and build their social media presence, and we’ve helped them generate incredible results. We started their Facebook account from scratch, and through our social media management methods, we helped them achieve over 28,000 likes and consistently high engagement between regular posts and boosted posts. Not only that, but we’ve also reduced their marketing costs to $0.14 – and even as low as $0.003 on certain posts!

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